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Kotoba, Inc. is devoted to providing expert assistance in Japanese to the legal community.  Ideally located in the Washington D.C. area, Kotoba provides highly trained, specialized, and competent staff  to support attorneys, patent attorneys, and law firms. 


Kotoba means “word” in Japanese.  Comprised of two characters, which translate literally into ‘the leaves of speech’, it is a dynamic and deeply nuanced word.  It captures in a nutshell what Kotoba, Inc. is all about — providing clear and accurate translation and interpretation with attention to nuance, context, and consistency.


One of Kotoba’s specializations is intellectual property and patent litigation.  It is hard to find a field that compares to intellectual property and patent litigation for the importance of words.  One word or phrase in a patent can become the deciding factor in a patent litigation case.  Likewise, the need for quality translation and interpreting in patent litigation or an intellectual property matter  cannot be overemphasized.  It is with this in mind that Kotoba, Inc. was named.


Kotoba, Inc. was founded by  Sharon Nothman, an American, born and raised in Japan, the daughter of  missionary parents.  After living in Japan for twenty years, including a stint as an English teacher and manager of an English school, she graduated with a degree in Psychology and Japanese (summa cum laude) in the U.S., and went on to support many well known and respected law firms throughout the Washington area for more than fifteen years.


Whether  representing a Japanese client or in litigation involving a Japanese party on the opposing side, Kotoba provides experience and expertise that will enhance the effectiveness of a law firm’s efforts.  Whether on-site or off, long-term or short, Kotoba’s versatile and flexible services will meet a law firm’s demanding requirements. 

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