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Kotoba, Inc.  specializes in providing Japanese

language services in patent litigation. With over

fifteen years experience we employ methods and

techniques that provide a number of key advantages

that can dramatically improve the ability of counsel

to find the most relevant materials and adjust nimbly

 to changes in focus within the case.



              The Kotoba Advantage


Japanese culture and business practices are quite different from those of the U.S., and the Japanese language reflects a nuanced complexity that many times does not have an exact parallel in English. Kotoba can provide critical input and support that can help ensure language and cultural differences do not hinder counsel’s ability to effectively pursue the case. For example:


Discovery - Kotoba advises on specific types of documents and information to request during discovery for items that typically are not volunteered that can provide a critical edge in ‘unlocking’ the production.

Depositions - Kotoba provides a number of important cultural insights that can provide crucial understanding to counsel when prepping a Japanese witness or preparing to depose Japanese witnesses.

Translation - Kotoba helps save money by providing techniques and managerial talent in document management that can minimize the number of documents translated while improving the ability of counsel to find the most relevant material quickly as the case progresses – helping to give attorneys tremendous flexibility and agility to identify supportive materials as arguments are refined or as the focus changes.

Technologies - Kotoba provides a team of pre-screened and talented translators with specialized expertise in specific technology areas. In addition, Kotoba uses a number of techniques to ensure the high quality and consistency of translated documents.

Trial - At trial Kotoba provides indispensible support in helping ensure poor translation does not become case record – particularly where arguments central to the case are at stake. Kotoba is able to quickly identify problems in the translated exhibits from the opposing side and assists in negotiating acceptable edits.


Kotoba provides critical advantages throughout a patent litigation case – from the beginning of discovery, through document review, translation, case development, depositions, and trial. Find out why, once discovered, many attorneys do not want to face a Japanese case without “The Kotoba Advantage”.

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